International Shipping Insurance

The chances of anything bad happening to your items are slim, but for the small cost of an insurance policy, it’s certainly worth the peace of mind.

Our insurance option covers total loss plus loss or damage to individual items if caused by external forces like by a fork lift or shipping container crane, a truck accident or storm related issues. It will not cover items that are not packed correctly. Policy covers against individual boxes being lost or if there is outside damage to a box that has caused damage to the items. Only available on to door to door or curbside shipments. We cannot offer coverage on shipping to port / terminal shipments.

The insurance policy costs 2.5% of the values you put on your items and only 2% if the value is over $30,000. So for example if your insurance item values came to a total of $5000, the cost to you would be $5000 x 2.5% = $125. The minimum insurance premium/ charge is $100. $250 deductible.

Shipping Insurance, Simplified.

To make things very easy, after you have made your packing list using our packing list creator, you will be able to pull up the same list, add values to your items, and submit to us for insurance. Once you click on submit, you will be asked to pay by credit card and receive an emailed receipt confirming the insurance policy as well as the insurance value list.