Frequently Asked Questions

1What times can I deliver my boxes to a terminal?
Normal times are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.
2Can I deliver furniture with my boxes to a terminal?
Only if you can put it in a box, so small furniture items yes if you make sure you pack them in plenty of bubble wrap and place in a cardboard box.
3I can’t find the address of your terminal on the web site?
That’s correct. We don’t publish the addresses as we have to do some paperwork between us before you show up so that everything goes according to plan and the terminal is expecting you. When you complete our online booking form, we will email you a confirmation, contract, labels and a booking number and then the address for the terminal.
4How should I pack my stuff?
Use new moving boxes available at most self-storage shops tape up well top and bottom, pack breakables in bubble wrap. Make sure your name & destination is on every carton. The most important thing is make your boxes full and tight, do not leave air space in your box otherwise when other boxes are stacked on top of it, the one underneath will collapse. Use our U-CRATE 50, U-CRATE 100 or U-CRATE 200 options for extra protection and peace of mind. Watch our Pack like a Pro presentation.
5What is the safest way to ship overseas?
Our U-CRATE 50 and 100 are best for smaller shipments and the 20 foot shipping container for a whole household are the safest methods to ship to Europe as these are door to door. You pack and load it and we ship and deliver it to your new home overseas. What goes in must come out and 99.9% of the time everything is delivered still in the container exactly as you had loaded it.
6What's the difference between "to port" and "to door"?
"To port" means its pre-paid to the docks at the destination. You will have to arrange customs clearance and collection of your shipment from a local warehouse. You will have to pay customs, and local port fees which for a small shipment can be $200-$700. If the quote says "to door" then the price includes customs clearance, local port fees and delivery to the residence.
7What do I need to know if I load my own shipping container?
Well you need somewhere to park it like a large driveway or check to see if you are allowed to keep it on the road. The container will be on a chassis (with wheels) and around 4 foot from the ground so you need to hire or make a loading ramp or have enough help to pass everything up into the shipping container. You also need to know that by packing and loading your own container you will be saving between $2500 and $5000 in packing charges! For more information about our shipping containers, click here. We also have more information on loading shipping containers here.
8What are my insurance options?
See our insurance options under "Services".
9What payment options do you have?
We accept ACH transfer if drawn on a US bank, or you can mail a check, bank bill pay, wire transfer or you can pay online with MasterCard or Visa. For credit card payments we charge a 5% handling fee.
10Do I need to complete a customs form?
Yes you will need to. We have the most popular ones available by email or click here for more customs information.
11What are the Customs Regulations?
Every Country has their own but most destinations are ok with your personal items if you are moving to that Country and all the items are more than 6 months old. Most countries will tax you on alcohol and cigarettes so it's normally not worth sending in your shipment. Most Counties do not allow human or pet food to be imported. Check with your local consulate or embassy for the Countries customs regulations or click here for more customs information.
12Any Do's n Don'ts for shipping?
Many! Don't pack any opened bottles in case they leak. Do not pack guns, ammunition, food and anything hazardous including cleaning materials. Don't use an unlicensed company with a cheap rate. If the price sounds too good to be true it is probably a scam! We ship large volumes and therefore get slightly better rates than most and keep overheads low, therefore our prices are really good. If you find a rate much lower than ours, be very careful, there are a lot of cowboy operators that will give you a very cheap price and once they have your things they will find an excuse for doubling your price. Do use licensed professionals. Make sure your boxes are all packed tight and well taped shut. Make sure your name is on all pieces. Do use a lot of bubble wrap. Do check our references and reviews.
13Can I download forms?
Yes we have quite a few here on this site, click here review our shipping related forms.
14What if my shipment is larger than expected?
Call your shipping coordinator and we will do our best to figure something out!
15What if my shipment is smaller than expected?
If your volume falls into a smaller category for shipping we will invoice you the lower rate.
16Do you ship Cars n Bikes, boats n planes?
Yes we can by container or roll on roll off ship.
17How do I save Money?
Do your own packing, and deliver to one of our worlwide receiving terminals or for bigger discounts, drop off at one of our main shipping consolidation terminals.
18What are the Pros and Cons of Self Packing my items?
Pro's are you save money and if you take your time doing a little at a time using plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper you can pack like a pro and sometimes even better as you know more than a packing company what is precious to you. It also means you don't have strange people in your house and you can have a good cleanout while you pack. The Cons, however, are its hard work and we can't give you quite the same insurance coverage as if it was professionally packed.
19How big is 100 cubic feet?
About 20 plastic totes, 45 small boxes, 20 large boxes, about 16 large suitcases.
20How do I work out cubic feet?
Stack all your boxes together to make a large cube. Measure the longest, widest and highest points in inches. Multiply the 3 dimensions together then divide by 1728. That gives you cubic feet.
21Does weight make any difference?
If dieting yes, if shipping with UPakWeShip Canada usually no except for our baggage services have a 50lb max weight per box and the U Cube should not be loaded with more than 600 lbs!
22Where do I get boxes and packing materials?
The best place is your local self-storage place. They normally sell good quality boxes, bubble wrap, bags for sofas and chairs, tape and packing paper. Also Staples sell good quality plastic file storage boxes which are great for shipping (they have a hinged blue lid) as well as other packing supplies, also U-haul stores, Lowes and Home Depot sell Moving blankets and other supplies for packing.
23How many hours do I have to load my own 20 or 40 foot shipping container?
We have what's called a "live load" trucking service where you get 2 hours free and thereafter while the trucker waits its $95 per hour waiting time. Or a "drop and pick" trucking service where we can drop the container at your residence one day and collect 24 or 48 hours later. This is normally twice the price as the trucker has to make 2 trips. This isn't so bad if you live within 50 miles of the local terminal or port but can get expensive if you live far away from a port of inland container terminal.
24Is my quote fully inclusive?
Our rates to door include all known or definite charges. However if you want delivery above the ground floor, have bad access where a truck cannot get anywhere close to your residence, we need to get parking permits or you live on yellow or red lines or no parking zones, you have items less than 6 months old that involve duties and taxes or wine, spirits, cigarettes in your shipment, you receive a physical customs inspection or your shipment or container gets x rayed by Customs either in the USA or overseas there will be extra fees charged at destination before your shipment is delivered.
25What's the difference between baggage and shared container service?
Both baggage and shared container shipments go into the shipping container and are cleared through customs. The difference is baggage is delivered to the curbside by one man and the shared container service is delivered by two men into your ground floor residence.
26When do I pay?
We will email you an invoice before loading or as soon as we receive the shipment and confirm the measurements. All shipments require a deposit of $750 which is refundable if move is cancelled with more than 7 days’ notice. We cannot let items leave the country until invoices are paid in full.
27What if I don't have an address yet at the destination?
This is quite common and as long as we have contact information so we can get hold of you that's fine. You can email us at a later date with the actual delivery address.
28How much lead time do you need?
Normally a week's notice is good but it's nice to have a bit longer if you can give us more. If you are shipping anything motorized we need 2 weeks' notice. If you have procrastinated or leaving in a hurry we can often arrange things in 24 hours for an extra charge but we do prefer a week's notice if you can please.
29Do you work weekends?
No sorry we don't.
30Can I load a motorcycle or car in a shipping container?
Yes you can but you must notify us in advance. We suggest you hire a wrecker truck so that you can drive your machine onto the wrecker truck and then when the wrecker reverses his truck up to the container you just reverse into the container. Always have the engine near the doors of the container and block n brace the wheels and use 4 ratchet straps to tie down from the axle by the wheel to the tie hooks in the container.
31Are the U-CRATE 50, U-CRATE 100 and U-CRATE 200 waterproof?
No, but the U-CRATE 50 has a solid plastic lid, the U-CRATE 100 and U-CRATE 200 are made of thick cardboard and are more like weather resistant as they do come with a plastic shroud.
32Do the shipping containers have tie downs?
Yes in each corner on the floor and ceiling.
33Why are you cheaper than others?
Having been in business since 1988 we have built up a large customer base and probably ship more to Europe, Australia, North America and New Zealand than anyone else so we keep our containers and trucks full therefore allowing us to operate at discounted rates all year round. We also keep overheads low, have our own operations overseas and therefore have complete control of our costs and don't have to rely on other companies with their own profit margins. Unlike a lot of the competition, we specialize in small shipments and often have no minimum charges to contend with. We make our money by making a little bit on a large volume of shipments as opposed to making a lot of money on a few shipments. We are like a Southwest or Easy Jet of the relocation industry.
34Your competitor says they have to pack our items otherwise we will get into trouble with customs overseas?
This is an old wife's tale so that they can make lots of money sending in cheap labor to pack up your belongings in your house. Truth is with our system, documentation and security checks even though you have packed your items yourself, your shipment is no more at risk than if local mover packed your boxes for you. Customs and Security agencies will now often X- Ray your shipment or the container in which it has been loaded so they can see what is in the boxes whoever packed it. Some movers will even go as far as to say it’s against the law to pack your items yourself, but if that’s the case how come we have been in business for so many years and have 3 government licenses?
35I have a cheaper price from someone else but it's to a terminal only and not to door?
Be very careful of these quotes, you get a very cheap price up front but when you get to your destination you can find yourself paying double the original quote before you are allowed to collect your boxes from the terminal. We offer this service as well and call it Cheap Ship and are more than happy to ship to a terminal overseas for you to collect, just as long as you know you will have to customs clear yourself and pay terminal and hand over charges before the shipping terminal will allow you to collect it at the destination.
36How do I book?
Click on the BOOK NOW link on your quote, home page of the website or click here. Complete the online form, click submit and we will come back to you with a booking confirmation, labels, customs forms, contract and other instructions all on email. It doesn't matter if you don't know how many boxes you have or you don't know the insurance value or delivery address. You can email us extra information later but at least we can start working on the paperwork between us and getting the process started between us. Everything we do is on email between us so we have an electronic file with a record of all discussions. We are very nearly a paperless office; we use the latest cloud systems for all our accounting, database and communications therefore allowing us a very secure, reliable, fast system that we can access from anywhere 24/7.
37Why do you seem to have more than one company name?
Our registered company name is EuroUSA Shipping and UPakWeShip UK is the self-pack budget division with its own dedicated employees set up to offer its customers a reliable, no thrills budget way of International Moving. EuroUSA offices handle many Commercial full service, Corporate, Military and Trade shipments for regular customers.
38Will you collect from my 2nd floor apartment?
Our normal published collection rates are for ground floor front door. Drivers are not normally licensed or allowed to go into a residence. If you need us to go into a residence we can send in a licensed moving crew to do this but that can somewhat diminish the savings you receive by using UPakWeShip.
39Do you do packing?
UPakWeShip Canada was set up to save you money by avoiding having international moving companies do the packing. If you need something packed or you need help loading, we suggest you contract a good local mover in your area to help you pack or load and then we will take care of the rest. If however you would like us to arrange the packing and loading we can obviously arrange this for you.
40I saw some negative as well as positive reports on the internet, please explain?
As much as we try, we are not perfect and although we have far more great reviews than bad, unfortunately negative remarks rank a lot higher than positive on the internet. Also some competitors will actually pretend they are customers and make up complaints so that another company looks bad. Lastly, some of these complaints and moving scam warning sites are not nonprofit companies! They make their money on the internet by getting commissions from moving companies that they recommend or by charging large sums to get complaints deleted from their site.
41Do you offer discounts for corporate accounts and colleges?
Absolutely, if you would like to arrange a corporate discount for multiple moves paid for by an account please let us know by emailing
42What is your Price Guarantee?
We guarantee that there will be no extra charges on top of the quote we give you or the prices we display online. Our prices are all inclusive. Only extra charges would be dues to a physical customs exam that would be backed up with paperwork proving this occurred or if you had bad access or a long carry, requested delivery above first floor, customs duties and taxes on something you declared on your customs form, storage if you request it and quarantine or ministry of agriculture inspection charges associated normally with importing into Australia or New Zealand. Bottom line, “NO SNEAKY FEES”!
43Do I need insurance?
Yes, the same as you need it driving a car or on the house you live in. You don’t have to insure it through us and may be you can get coverage on your existing home owners policy, but we do believe we offer the best coverage and if you sign that you do not want to take out insurance with us you will be agreeing to not claim against us or hold us responsible for any damages or loss how ever caused.
44I still have more questions…..
No problem, you can always post your questions to the Moving Doctor or look at over 5,000 other questions and answers on our moving blog. You can also email us at and we would be very happy to answer any moving and relocation questions you have whether you are moving with us or not.
45What the best way to receive the latest news and deals that you are running.
I suggest following us on Twitter @UPAKWESHIP
46How can I make my quote cheaper?
If you drop off at one of our terminals worldwide you can save on collection charges. Having a sort out and cutting back to just the essentials can help save you money. If you literally just have a bag or two it might be worth paying the extra carry on fee by the airline or even upgrade your ticket using air miles so that you get a higher baggage allowance and fly in comfort and style!
47Can you tell me an exact time the collection will occur?
Our normal rates cover collection between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on the date you requested. In most areas however we can book you a 2 hour window collection for example between 10:00 am and 12 noon for an additional $75.00. 20 and 40 foot containers are normally booked for a specific time for loading and unloading.